Two cam girls join forces to offer their client a perfect cybersex threesome

webcam sex threesomeIt’s no secret that I prefer the company of independent cam girls as opposed to their commercial counterparts. Because most freelance performers work from home, they have more latitude when it comes to accommodating special requests.

Recently, I approached a bisexual webcam girl with whom I had played in the past. I really enjoyed our sessions together, and over time got to know her on a more personal level. I told her that I wanted to try an experiment which would involve the help of one of her girlfriends. I wanted to make love to her by using her girlfriend as a proxy. She found the idea interesting and wanted to know more.

I told her that we would need a ladder, two audio headsets with microphones and three USB extension cords. I was willing to pay for any items she did not already have. The setup was simple, but devilishly naughty.

I wanted the ladder positioned at one end of the bed, with the webcam mounted on top of it. This would give me a birds eye view of the action, almost as if I was floating above the bed. I wanted each girl to wear a headset, one set for audio, the other for microphone input. And this is where the fun begins.

Madison was asked to lie on her back and wear the headset with the microphone turned on. Her audio was turned off, so she had no idea of the instructions I was giving to her partner. Her girlfriend Kelly was wearing the headset with audio support, allowing her to hear my specific commands. I would instruct Kelly to perform certain sexual acts on Madison, and she would comply. On my end, I could her Madison’s sighs and moans as she reacted to the pleasure I was delivering to her via Kelly.

The session lasted 30 minutes and cost me $120. It was the most fulfilling cam sex experience I had ever had. I loved it when Madison looked straight into the camera while her girlfriend performed oral sex on her. It was fun to control what happened next, to orchestrate every intimate detail of the session. It was also very arousing to listen to Madison react to each and every one of the instructions I gave Kelly.

This type of cybersex encounter illustrates the benefits of being a freelance cam girl. Not only do they get to keep 100% of their earnings, they also have the ability to add value to their shows in ways that commercial cam girls cannot. If they were to market this experience to a wider audience, they would carve out a significant piece of the cam girl market. It’s an undiscovered niche waiting to be filled.

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