Here is what freelance webcam girls recommend for cam to cam video chats.

freelance cam girlSo you've discovered what many insiders already know - independent cam girls offer a much better webcam sex encounter than the foreign models who work on the large cam networks. They also tend to be more affordable and can actually speak english! These ingredients are key if you're seeking a true cam to cam girlfriend experience.

But before you can get in touch with one of these freelance cam girls, you must ensure that you have the right software installed to communicate with them. Thankfully, most of the software required is free and easy to find.

1) Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is necessary for your initial contact with a freelance cam girl. Sites such as Webcam Sex 411 list several independent cam girls, and most will display their Yahoo Messenger status button next to their profile.

If you have Yahoo Messenger installed on your computer, a simple click on their profile button will initiate a two way conversation with the cam girl. Yahoo Messenger can also be used to launch video and voice connections, but several cam girls report that the video quality is not as good as that of other video clients such as Skype.

2) Skype

Most freelance cam girls use Skype for their webcam sex shows. It’s free, anonymous, and supports both HD video and audio. Video quality can make or break a cam show, and Skype is quite simply the best point-to-point video chat client there is. If you're looking to hookup for some webcam to webcam action with an independent cam girl, this software should be #1 on your list.

3) MSN Messenger

MSN Messenger is another popular IM platform, and one that many cam girls will use when other options are not available. Like Skype and Yahoo Messenger, MSN supports text, audio and video connections. It is probably the second most used client for cam to cam sex connections. Only required if your cam girl does not use Skype.

4) Webmail

There are several free webmail systems available, and we strongly recommend creating an account to communicate with your webcam sex contacts. This is important to help maintain your anonymity and ensure that your cam girl emails don’t get mixed up with your regular email.

Cam girls do not work 24/7 - most work between 4-6 hours a day, and their preference is to make appointments with their clients ahead of time. This makes it easier for them to prepare for their shows, especially if you request a girl-girl or girl-boy show.

5) Web Browser with Flash support

A minority of independent cam girls might host their own video chat rooms using software based on the Flash video standard. Regardless of which browser you prefer, installing the latest version of Flash ensures that you will be able to connect with these web based video chat rooms.

All of the software listed above can be found online for free. They are best of breed tools that will help you make the most of your online cybersex encounters. Best of all, because you connect directly with freelance cam girls, you are not sharing your bandwidth with hundreds of other users, therefore you get better video and audio quality.

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