Cam sex is all about the intimacy of the relationship you share with the cam girl.

Freelance cam girl who performs on skypeWebcam sex enthusiasts and insiders have long known that the best cam girls are not found on the large networks, but rather, work as independents with their own websites. They tend to be smart, savvy entrepreneurs who value the online relationships they forge with their clients.

We have experienced many forms of webcam sex, and can confirm that this is indeed the case. Independent cam girls simply offer a value proposition that cannot be matched by the large cam sites.

Here are the top 7 reasons to choose and independent cam girl:

  • Freelance cam girls buy their own equipment, and have a vested interest in providing their clients with the highest quality of audio and video. More often than not, the quality of their video feed will be much better than that of the large cam studios.

  • Freelance cam girls do not need to share their bandwidth. When you hook up with an independent cam girl, the connection is direct. You are not sharing bandwidth with hundreds of other cam sessions. Faster connections mean better audio and video.

  • Freelance cam girls do not need to share their income with a third party. More often than not, they will pass on those savings to their clients.

  • Freelance cam girls work from home, therefore they are more relaxed, adding a level of intimacy to the cam session that cannot be replicated in a studio environment. This also makes it much easier for them to cater to special requests.

  • Freelance cam girls are easy to get in touch with. They will share their personal contact details with regular clients, making it much easier to arrange cam sex meetings.

  • Freelance cam girls offer a wider array of payment methods. While many still charge by the minute, others will be willing to negotiate lower rates for longer call times.

  • Freelance cam girls are not all about video chat. Some clients like to catch up with voice calls, or text chat. Independent girls offer that level of flexibility.

Cam portals such as is a great place to find your perfect independent cam girl. We strongly recommend getting in touch with our feature cam girl, Trenity. She is a true freelance cam girl who is not only warm and caring, but also very sexy and playful.

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