My afternoon lesbian webcam sex adventure

I love lesbian live sex. I like being the director of my own personal sex show. I almost feel like I'm on a porn set directing the shoot. It is such an empowering feeling.

Recently, I wanted to take my cam sex encounters to the next level - my goal was to find two enthusiastic Amateur Lesbians who would agree to perform a personalized lesbian show for me.

I began my search at LesbianRooms. I love this site for two reasons - unlike most other webcam sites, the prices here are decent with most girls in the $1 to $2 per minute range. But more importantly, the performers on this site are mostly home based freelancers and college girls looking for some tuition money - real amateurs who enjoy their work.

I began browsing the performer list for Sexy Lesbian Girlfriends. I wanted to chat with the girls before committing to a show. I was looking for girls who were genuine bisexuals, who were comfortable having sex with each other in front of the webcam. Many female couples simulate lesbian sex by performing at camera angles that hide mouth to genital contact. I was seeking the real deal, therefore and interview process was required to weed out the fakes.

During my search I came across to lovely girls from Florida. What attracted me to them was their age difference. The younger performer was in her early 20’s with a very toned body and perfectly shaved pussy. Her partner was in her early 40’s, but a well preserved MILF. I liked this combination, almost like a veteran lesbian showing the rookie the ropes.

I entered the girls free chat room and was immediately taken by their friendly disposition. The were engaging, yet not at all pushy. After a few minutes of small talk, I got right to the point. I told them I was interested in directing my own personal lesbian sex show. I wanted two girls who genuinely enjoyed going down on each other, and who were comfortable with each others bodies.

More importantly, I wanted them to be comfortable taking orders and catering to my every demand. I also wanted them to be able to move the webcam around so that I could get optimal viewing angles. Once these conditions were met, we discussed prices.

The girls agreed to perform for $2 per minute, as long as I stayed online with them for a minimum of 20 minutes. This was reasonable, as I was seeking a 30 minutes session from the outset.

Once we entered private mode, the girls began undressing. I immediately stopped them. I wanted to start with them fully clothed, sitting next to each other on the bed, kissing passionately and deeply. I told them that I wanted the older one to seduce the younger one. They did exactly what they were told - this was going to be one fun half hour!

Next I told the older girl that it was time to teach the younger one how to eat pussy. I told her to lie the younger girl on the bed, and sit on her face. I instructed her to hold the webcam in her hand so that I could have a birds eye view of the action. She did as instructed, and I got the most awesome POV lesbian experience one can imagine. The angle at which she help the webcam made me feel like I was there with them. The ultimate voyeur experience.

I proceeded to get a little kinky with the cam girls. I told the older one to rub her pussy over the younger girls face until she was completely glazed in the pussy juice. She was a little uncomfortable doing this at first, but got into it once the younger girl started getting into it. Once again, what a show!

It was now time for a role reversal. I ordered the older lady to lie on her back, and had the younger lesbian sit on her face. OMG! The younger girl grabbed the MILF by the hair and smothered her face with her shaved pussy. She was so aggressive, it really caught me by surprise. I asked the girl on the bottom to hold the webcam and aim it at the younger girl. This was my best webcam sex moment ever - still have it etched in my mind.

Next, it was time to turn the kink factor up a notch. I asked the young girl to get down on all fours, and push her ass up in the air. I then instructed the older MILF to finger fuck her young apprentice. I told her to insert an additional finger into her pussy at one minute intervals, until she had four fingers in her partner. I then told her to aggressively finger fuck her partner while she tongue fucked her asshole. These two were by far the best webcam sex girls I have ever encountered. So open minded and playful.

Having put the girls through their paces, I asked them to finish the last 5 minutes of the webcam sex show with a very passionate 69.

I had fulfilled my fantasy of directing a lesbian sex show and had spent one of the most  erotic half hours of my life - the wonderful memories will last a lifetime!

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