When it comes to webcam sex, the devil is in the details.

Freelance cam girl who performs on skypeSo you’ve found the perfect independent cam girl. She’s attractive, outgoing and offers her services at a reasonable price. You’ve set up an appointment for a cybersex date and made sure you’re installed the software required for a smooth video chat session.

So far, so good. But there are more steps you need to take before moving forward. When it comes to webcam sex, the devil is in the details.

Before your session, make sure to clarify the following points with your cam girl:

  • If your webcam model has a detailed profile or blog on her website, take some time to read it. The more you know about your cam girl, the easier it will be to chat and connect with her on an intimate level.
  • Always ask your cam girl about her cancellation policy prior to sending any money. Most reputable cam girls will offer a full refund and/or reschedule a show if either party must cancel due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Ensure that any charge appearing on your credit card statement will be billed using a discreet company name. Most cam girls will specify this information on their payment page.
  • If possible, request a test video call prior to sending any money to ensure that the video quality meets your expectations.
  • When it comes to webcam sex, sound is just as important as video. Being able to hear and talk to your cam girl takes the experience to a whole new level. If possible, request that she use a discreet headset equipped with a microphone.
  • Send an email the day before your appointment detailing any special requests you may have in terms of outfits, sex toys or grooming.
  • Once connected, it is often necessary to make some minor technical adjustments to ensure proper sound and video quality. Clarify with your cam girl that any time required to make these adjustments will not be deducted against your time allotment.

    These simple steps will help ensure that your webcam sex experience is a pleasant and memorable one for both your and your cam girl.

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