Swingers and webcam sex go hand in hand - here's why.

Swinger Webcam SexSwinging is often referred to as “The Lifestyle”, and with good reason. The practice encompasses many activities that often tend to be more social than sexual. Swingers are some of the nicest people you can meet. Contrary to what you might think, they are actually very down to earth and a lot of fun to hang around with. And no, they are not raving sex maniacs who are only into sex with other couples.  

Swinging is also big business. From swinger conventions to swinger vacation resorts, open minded couples are constantly seeking out fun and adventure with like minded individuals. There is something special about sharing a vacation or weekend away with others who are carefree and socially liberated.

Choosing to participate in the swinger culture is a big decision that must be made in a consensual manner by both participants. It encompasses issues of intimacy, health and privacy. It is important to carefully research this lifestyle before deciding to participate.

Wecam sex can be a great tool for couples who are thinking about participating in the swinger lifestyle. It allows couples to test the waters while helping to maintain a high degree of confidentiality. Here are some of the advantages of webcam swinging:

1) Confidentiality and anonymity

When you visit an adult video chat room site such as “XMatch.com”, your true identity is never revealed. When building your profile, you are encouraged to add photos, but this does not mean that you need to show your faces. A little creative posing can result in a very sexy pictures that do not compromise your identify.

When you do meet that special couple for some cam to cam sex, you have many options to protect your privacy. Masks are the tool of choice for many, as they often allow for exciting webcam sex while adding an element of mystery.

Another benefit of webcam sex is that you get to play with other couples from all over the world. Your chances of hooking up with someone local are pretty slim (unless you specifically seek them out) therefore you can experiment outside of your local turf.

2) Meet and greet

Adult personals such as HotMatch.com are a great way to meet other couples for a live sex encounter, but as the song says, only fools rush in. Before meeting in person, ask the other couple if they are comfortable with the idea of a webcam chat. Pictures are great when it comes to judging physical attributes, but they do not allow you to get a feel for the other couples personality. And when it comes to swinging, it’s not always easy to get four people to click.

A webcam chat is a great way to break the ice and get to know each other before meeting. If you are compatible, it will make the initial face to face meeting less awkward. If not, everyone saves themselves an unnecessary meeting.

3) Watch and be watched

Full fledged swinging might not be what you are looking for. Many couples enjoy watching other couples have sex, or even being watched having sex by another couple. HotMatch.com offers several options for couples who want to experiment from the comfort of their own homes.

At any given time, well over 100 couples are having sex in front of their home webcams for all to watch. They get really turned on by knowing that thousands of people are watching them. By the same token, lots of couples like to cuddle up in bed and watch other couples have sex. Regardless of which is your cam sex preference, HotMatch.com can accommodate your needs.

4) Sharing your homemade webcam porn with others

People are getting tired of the same old mass produced porn with the same old story lines. Fake models, with fake boobs, who do not even look like the average person, have fake sex. Boring.

The good news is that there is an alternative. Sites such as XMatch.com allow users to share their homemade webcam porn with the entire community of users. Over ten thousand videos have been uploaded, with hundreds being added every day. These webcam videos feature real people who love to share their sex lives online. The really fun part is that you can comment on the videos, and even communicate with the couples who are features in the movies. Who knows, you may even decide to share your own webcam sex videos.

In conclusion, webcam sex and swinging are a match made in heaven. For experienced swingers, cam sex adds a new dimension to their established playbook. For new swingers, webcam sex allows you to test the waters while keeping your identity private. A perfect solution for all.

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