Feeding my webcam sex boy toy

Guys have it so easy. They have hundred’s of cam girls to choose from when they have an itch for some webcam sex. For us girls, things are a tad more complicated. From the get go, we have a much smaller pool of cam performers to choose from. And once you weed our the gay and unattractive cam guys, your pickings are quite slim.

My online sex life is not much different than my real sex life. I love being dominant in bed and can be very aggressive with the right man. I am also very voyeuristic and derive great pleasure from watching men masturbate in front of their webcams.

I know what you are thinking. Just jump on chat roulette, there are 1000’s of wankers to choose from on that site. Well, that doesn't quite do it for me. I am looking for a more complete webcam sex experience. I need good lighting, nice fluid video quality, and most importantly, two way voice communication. There are lots of sites that offer these features, but my favorite is WebCamLife.

Why WebCamLife? The site features real amateur performers, and I usually have no problem finding a sexy college student looking to make a few bucks by exposing himself on cam. The site is also quite affordable - guys usually charge between $1 to 2$ per minute, so I can boss my boy toy around for half an hour for less than $40.

I met Jeff on WebCamLife about a month ago. His profile picture was quite cute, and his description specified that he only felt comfortable performing for women. Bonus. A cute college guy who is heterosexual - but can he be submissive on cam?

I jumped into Jeff’s free chat room and asked him if two way sound was available if we went into private mode. He showed me his headset and told me that the feature is included in his per minute rate. I asked him if he was submissive and comfortable taking orders. He told me that was not a problem.

I decided it was time to push my cam sex femdom boundaries. I told him I would book a full 30 minute show + $20 tip if he would be willing to slip back into his chair, slide his headset on and let me talk him through to an explosive orgasm while he stroked his cock for me. So far, so good. My next request was going to be a bit more tricky.

I told him he would need a spoon. I wanted him to cum all over his stomach, and then feed himself the semen while I watched on webcam. He told me this was the first time he had gotten such a request, and would be willing to try it given my generous $20 tip.

Having agreed on the parameters of our cam sex session, it was time to enter private mode. Jeff was a very attractive college student. He had blond hair and a sexy athletic build, but not a jock type by any means. He was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, and my mouth was just watering at the prospect of dominating this attractive guy for 30 minutes.

I asked Jeff to stand up in front of his webcam for me, and remain clothed. I had him do a full turn so that I could admire his body from several different angles. He was everything I was hoping he would be. A perfect male cam model.

It was time to inspect my webcam boy toy. I asked Jeff to remove his pants, but to keep his t-shirt and underwear on. I was surprised to see that Jeff was already fully erect, his hard cock stretching the fabric of his tight underwear. Yummy. He was so hard, I was able to make out some of the veins from his hard prick through his underwear. This cam show was getting better by the minute.

It was time for Jeff to release his cock from it’s fabric fortress. I asked him to stand sideways and slowly pull down his underwear - I told him I wanted to see his cock spring out of his briefs. And spring out it did - he was hard, shaved, and best of all, well hung.

It was time for Jeff to start milking himself on cam for my pleasure. I asked him to sit back in his chair, slide on his headphones, and stroke his beautiful cock while I talked him through to his orgasm. I told him to pace himself, as I only wanted him to cum towards the end of our session.

Jeff was very obedient. He stroked his cock enthusiastically as I described in great detail how I would love to be there to feast on his large manhood. It wasn't long before a drop of pre-cum appeared on the tip of Jeff’s cock. I ordered him to scoop it up with his finger and taste it. He did as he was told. So hot! I asked him if he enjoyed the taste. He said it was OK. I told him to get used to it, as he would soon be eating his full load for me.

Our game of webcam tug or war went on for a full fifteen minutes. I would bring him to the brink of orgasm, only to have him withdraw.  I wanted him to crave this orgasm - I wanted to see him shoot a huge load of cum all over his beautiful hairless stomach.

I asked him if he was getting hungry. I told him how much of a turn on it was going to be for me to watch him eat his own cum via webcam. I told him I wanted him to savour it and swallow every drop. Before long, his breathing turn to gasps, his body tensed, and he let out a loud moan as several jets of warm cum spurted from his cock and onto his beautiful body.

I asked congratulated him on his wonderful orgasm. But it was now time to eat. I instructed him to gather as much cum as he could onto his spoon, and then to bring the spoon to his lips. I told him not to swallow right away, but to savour the cum in his mouth before sending it down to his stomach. Jeff was able to do this three times for me, so much he had cum.

I thanked him and told him that this was the best webcam sex show I had ever experienced.

Think I might have a tad of a problem falling asleep tonight!

Love and kisses,


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