Interactive webcam sex

The most common for of cybersex is interactive webcam sex. As internet bandwidth increases in capacity, the quality and speed of webcam to webcam connections improves to a degree where the experience becomes truly impressive. As the cost of internet bandwidth diminishes, adult webcam models will soon be able to offer interactive webcam sex sessions for under 2 dollars a minute. When this price point is reached, the market for such services will experience unprecedented growth. Interactive webcam sex is the future of online porn. Webcam girls can look forward to a very lucrative future ahead of them.

Voyeur sex

Voyeur webcam sex comes in two flavors - live and pre-recorded. Live voyeur cams are popular because they offer a degree of spontaneity that makes the client feel like a virtual peeping tom. This feeling of being a virtual "fly on the wall" raises the immersiveness of the online sex experience to totally new level. Sites such as Big Sister allow users to watch what is happening in the numerous rooms of their online brothel. Because you are watching real time video feeds, if feels like x-rated reality TV on steroids. A lot of fun, and very addictive!

Cyber sex adult personals

The third type of cyber sex is online adult personals that cater specifically to individuals who are seeking video chat partners. Sites such as SexPlayCam cater to this specific niche. While it make take more time to find a video chat partner using this method, once a partner is found, the cost of your cybersex encounters will be greatly reduced. Some adult personals sites are now featuring video chat rooms for both voyeurs and exhibitionists. Expect such sites to become more numerous as the cost of bandwidth goes down.

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