Cookies and browsing histories can reveal your passion for webcam sex to others - here are tips to keep things private

Cam Girl ReviewsIf you share your computer, or even worse, use a shared computer, you must take extra precautions to protect the confidentiality of your online activities. You don't want your roommates or friends to find out that TIGHTGIRL69 is having cam sex with MONSTERDICK33. That could be a little awkward. This is why using a few simple software tools can go a long way to help protect your privacy. Best of all, many of these tools are free.

The first piece of software you need is what is called a cookie cleaner. It will take care of erasing cookies and browsing histories from your computer. Some even clean out your cached flash video content (I know, I know, you never look at cam porn on tube sites - neither do I). My tool of choice is CCleaner - it's free, and one of the best cookie cleaners out there.

Cam GirlThe other issue you need to be aware of is offsite browsing histories. Corporate networks, hotels and Internet Service Providers sometimes keep logs of all websites that are visited by their clients. Having you account name appear next to SheMale Cam World might bring on some embarrassment when you check out.

Fortunately, shielding your webcam sex activities from prying eyes is quite easy to do using third party proxy services. These services mask your online activities by routing them through a third party network. This protects your browsing history at both the local and corporate level. Do note that some proxy servers block flash video, cookies and scripts, so make sure that whichever service you use is compatible with the software used by your cam sex provider. Many sites, including our favorite use both Javascript and Flash to connect you with fellow users.

There are many web based proxy services available online, including and Used in conjunction with a good web history cleaner, these tools will help ensure that your webcam sex fetish remains your little secret.

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