Mystery is sexy - always hold something back.

Sexy Webcam Sex MaskMystery is a big part of webcam sex. Sharing your fantasies and desires with a sexy stranger allows you to open up and explore your sexuality in a way that is often not possible with a real world lover. But with this freedom comes responsibility. It is important to take the necessary privacy precautions when communicating with the person with whom you share a virtual relationship. Even when you find yourself growing closer to your new companion, it is important to maintain anonymity and discretion. There are several techniques you can use to shield your identity. Some purists may frown upon the practice of shielding ones identity, but a majority of cam sex enthusiasts embrace this practice. Not only is it safer and more discreet, but when done properly, shielding ones identity can actually add mystery and enhance the webcam sex experience.

Webcam Sex The most obvious method of shielding your identity during webcam sex is to simply not show your face at all. Given than much of the action happens from the neck down, many cam sex practitioners are comfortable with this arrangements. Others feel that facial contact, even when masked, adds to the cam sex practice. They claim that seeing your partners eyes, whether in person or over a webcam feed, is an important part of the bonding experience. Others feel that their partners mouths are an important feature to share, as they are essential to many displays of physical love, being through kissing or oral sex. The most important factor is to only reveal as much as you are comfortable with. If your partner does not respects your limits, he or she is simple not the right webcam sex companion for you.

Webcam Sex MaskMasks are the weapon of choice for many people seeking webcam anonymity. They are easy to find, affordable, and when carefully chosen, sexy. It is important to select a mask which is comfortable to wear and easy to slip on. It is also important to select a mask with the appropriate amount of facial cover. This is especially important if you have any unique facial features which could be used to identify you. Full facial coverage is preferred, but the more risque amongst you might be opt to only cover their eyes. And speaking of eyes, a mask with large openings for the eyes will defeat the purpose of wearing one. Keep that in mind when shopping for your disguise.

Cam SexLast, but not least, the most important factor in the cam sex experience is to always maintain your anonymity and privacy. Even when you feel trust is established, it is almost always a mistake to let your guard down. Opening up to your life partner is an essential part of a healthy real world relationship. They same cannot be said about virtual online relationships. They can be healthy fantasy, but must remain a private part of your sexuality.

Be safe. Play Smart. And most of all, have fun. You only live once!

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